How does this all work, anyway?

  Because you're here, the chances are good that you’re looking to simplify your life with a home that fits your lifestyle, plus gives you the freedom to spend your hard earned money as you please. Awesome!

  Unfortunately it’s not as simple as buying the home on Friday and moving in on Sunday. There’s a lot that has to happen between the day you choose a home and the day you move in that can become a headache if you’re trying to figure it out on your own.

  We get that you probably have tons of questions, and we’re committed to taking as much of the stress and worry off your plate as possible.

  That’s why we have a specific process we guide you through from the day you contact us to the day you walk into your home for the first time. Here’s what happens when you work with us:




 Meeting you

  First, we have a conversation with you to get to know you and what you’re looking for. The most important part of this conversation is finding out where you want your mobile home to go.

  Knowing where you’re going to put your home is one of the most important pieces of the process.

  About 80% of the people we talk to have no idea where their home is going to go after they buy it. If that’s you, that’s okay. We guide you through what to look for and give you the exact questions you should ask BEFORE you set your heart on a location that might not be capable of supporting a mobile home. You want to know ahead of time the answers to these questions, or else you may be shelling out thousands of dollars more than you expected down the line. If you’re buying land, we determine in this initial conversation whether you’re interested in financing your land together with your home (more on that later).

  Knowing where you’re going to put your home is one of the most important pieces of the process because it determines what type and size home you need, as well as what you need to budget for. Without knowing where you’re going to live, we can’t move forward with choosing a home.

 Finding the

 Perfect home

  Once you know where your home is going, we work together to narrow down homes for you to walk through based on your land, your budget, and your lifestyle. You walk through those specially selected homes in person here at our dealership. We know people hate going to a dealership because of pushy salespeople who are more concerned about their bottom line than about you. We hate that, too, which is why our mantra here is “No hard selling and no B.S.”. What we care about more than anything is getting you into a home that WORKS for you. We understand that buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you make in your life, and we give you the respect, patience, and compassion you deserve.



  Now that you have land and a home picked out, what’s next? There are certain services you need in order to get your home delivered and make it move-in ready. We go over that full list of services with you - which includes things like home delivery, land preparation (more on that below), skirting, utility hook ups and AC installation.

  Deciding on the services you want up front matters because you need to know exactly what to budget for, and what to expect once your home is delivered. Some of these services are optional, others are not. We have a fantastic set of contractors we trust to do the job right, and you’re always welcome to find contractors of your own for any particular service you choose.




           in order

  We understand this can be an intimidating and overwhelming hurdle. We want you to know that somewhere between 85-90% of the people who walk through our doors get financing. We have several options available and can help you figure out the best fit for your circumstances. If you need it, we can even finance your land and services.


From the time you choose your home to the day you sign closing paperwork, here’s how long you can expect it to take:

    If you’re...                          Expect to close...

Paying Cash...                        Immediately

Financing Home Only...             In about 2 - 4 weeks

Financing Land and Home...      In about 60 - 90 days

  Once you close, we want to deliver your home ASAP, but it can’t be delivered onto land that isn’t properly prepared. Having your land ready by the time you close means you get your home sooner. So while you wait to close, here’s what you do…


 Get your land ready

  Clear your land of trees and bushes. We go over some important questions you need to ask first that can delay the process if you don’t have the answers.

  Put in a base pad or foundation. The purpose of a base pad or foundation is to keep your home level and ensure the water drains away from your home rather than pooling underneath it. With the Oklahoma soil, humidity and rainfall, this is a must.

We have contractors we trust to do the job right, and you’re always welcome to choose a contractor of your own.



 What’s a base pad?

  A base pad is an area of raised dirt with specific length and width requirements that acts as a solid foundation for your manufactured home.

 Delivery day and hooking you up

  Now your mobile home can be delivered. Yay! We walk you through what to expect on delivery day as well as your role in helping this very exciting day go as smoothly as possible.

  We know you’re itching to move in once your home is delivered, but it’s still not quite ready for you yet. You need power and water. Unlike a brick home, though, you can’t simply call the electric or water company to start service because your home isn’t physically connected to the power, water, and sewer systems you have yet. The process you go through to hook up your home depends on where you decide to live, and we guide you through exactly what to do in your particular circumstance and how long it should take.

 Finishing Touches

  No Oklahoma home is complete without AC! With power turned on, you can get that set up. If you have a doublewide home, this is when you’ll have someone come out to seamlessly join the two halves of your home together (this is known as trim-out).

  It's All Yours
  Any other services you selected at the beginning of the process can get completed at any time now, but with the essentials taken care of you’re ready to move in! Hooray!

  All in all - from the time you choose your home to move in day - the process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months. Keep in mind this is an average timeline. Weather and scheduling can always create unexpected delays, and we do everything in our power to make the process as efficient and quick as possible.


 Congratulations, you’re a homeowner!

  You did it. You’re home.

  There’s nothing more fulfilling to us than taking you through this process from start to finish. This is your life, your family, your future, and we’re honored to get to play a part in it.

  If you’re interested in having a chat with us about what the first steps of this process look like for you, or if you have any questions, contact us today. We can't wait to hear from you.

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